Denture Repairs

M. MEnard dentuRISTS

At M.Menard Denturists, we are denture specialists with the sole purpose of providing removable denture treatments to people who are missing some or all of their teeth.

With more than 35 years of various denture services in the Cornwall,Vankleek Hill,Vaudreuil and Alexandria area, such as producing full and partial dentures,dental implants, repairing and relining, we offer different types of dentures adapted to your needs.

The clinic also offers a one-hour repair service and adjustments to ease your discomfort quickly.

Our main goal is to provide professional and caring treatment solutions to patients who have experienced or will soon experience tooth loss.  As denturists, we will use the most advanced techniques and technology to achieve this purpose.

We want all patients who are treated at M.Menard Denturist clinic to know that they are being treated by professional denture specialists.

No referral from your Dentist is required, M.Menard Denturist Clinic is operated by experienced Denturists.

You can reach us at (450) 265-3332 to set up an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.  We are also able to accept walk-in and last minute appointment bookings as well.






Dentures Over IMPLANTS

Dentures over implants are the closest thing to having your natural teeth. They also offer one of the best ways to retain your full or partial dentures.

Complete dentures

Where the teeth are placed is very important in how your smile looks. Our dentures will combine esthetic with facial features to make your smile represent what you want it to look like.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made to replace one or more teeth, and they are customized to a patient’s requirements and needs.

Denture Repair

We offer an 1 hour denture repair service.

Denture Relining




Josianne Menard denturologiste

Josianne Ménard dd

Your comfort is paramount, I shall put you at ease on your first visit.

Mylene Menard denturologist

Mylène Ménard dd

I am a enthusiastic denturist, patient and calm with the objective to give you the perfect smile.

Isabelle Phénix dd

Denturist since 2009 I am passionate about everything about my profession.